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Los Angeles Domestic Partnership Lawyer

California Domestic Partner Registry Attorney

The Law Offices of Robert Gantman will work for you and your family to ensure that you have many of the protections afforded to other California families. Robert Gantman is a certified family law specialist practicing in family law for 15 years and stays up to date on the ever changing laws and legislation in this area. For a consultation, call 818-501-0113 or contact a Los Angeles domestic partnership lawyer online.

Fiction: Same sex couples have none of the rights afforded to married couples.

Fact: In California, if you qualify and register with the Secretary of State, you will be afforded many of the same rights as married couples. However, there are some significant differences including, but not limited to the right to file a joint federal tax return. Even though Proposition 8 is currently in effect, for the time being, it did not invalidate or change any of the statutes relating to registered domestic partners.

Domestic Partners and Same-Sex Unions

If you and your partner do not meet the requirements for filing with the California Domestic Partner Registry, we can help you by using legal instruments to protect your rights to assets you may have accumulated during your partnership and outline your legal rights and obligations to each other, including:

  • a relationship contract outlining a clear division of assets and debt
  • creation of joint bank accounts
  • transfer of interest in real estate or other property
  • inclusion in health care directives or estate plans.

No matter your situation, we will help you find creative options that meet your family's needs and prepare you to meet the future together.

To discuss the legal services available to protect your rights in a partnership, call attorney Robert Gantman at 818-501-0113 or contact a domestic partnerships attorney in California online anytime. Our offices are located in Encino, California. Se habla Español.

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