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Sherman Oaks Attorney - Finding Hidden Assets in a Divorce

Experienced California Divorce Lawyer

Hiding assets and income from a spouse during divorce proceedings is both illegal and unethical. If one spouse is caught hiding assets or income from the other spouse, the division of property can shift dramatically in the favor of the other spouse.

At the Law Offices of Robert Gantman, we have had much success uncovering assets and income that the opposition had attempted to hide from our clients. If you are facing divorce and believe that your spouse is hiding assets or income, call 818-501-0113 or contact our offices online to schedule a private, confidential consultation with attorney Robert Gantman.

Fiction: "If an asset is not listed in our Judgment, there is nothing I can do."

Fact: The Court retains jurisdiction to divide any asset which was not disclosed and not divided pursuant to the Judgment.

Serious Consequences for Hiding Assets and Income

The court strongly disapproves of hiding assets, and so do we. The Family Code and case law provides for several remedies for breach of the fiduciary duty by one spouse, including but not limited to, an award to the other spouse of 50 percent of any asset undisclosed or transferred in breach of the fiduciary duty plus attorney's fees.

One court awarded the entirety of the hidden asset (lottery proceeds) to the other spouse. Another court awarded significant sanctions for the failure to list known property on the disclosure forms. These cases illustrates the duty of disclosure and the sanctions for failure to disclose property under the property division guidelines.

How Can Hidden Assets and Income Be Found?

Uncovering overseas income, overseas bank accounts, merchant accounts or secret credit cards is far more complex and requires a high degree of experience and skill.

At the Law Offices of Robert Gantman, we work closely with forensic accountants and other financial experts to uncover hidden assets and income. We appraise property, gather expense statements, compare assets to disclosed income statements, and work meticulously to look for inconsistencies.

If you need help finding hidden assets or income, we can help. Call 818-501-0113 or contact our offices online to schedule an initial consultation with lawyer Robert Gantman. Hablamos español.

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