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Paternity Actions • Sherman Oaks, California, Lawyer

Paternity: a Father's Rights, a Father's Obligations

Without establishing paternity, a father has no right to custody or visitation and no obligation to pay any sort of child support. When paternity is established, the entire family benefits.

If you are a mother or a father and you wish to establish the legal paternity of your child, a lawyer can help. Call the Law Offices of Robert Gantman at 818-501-0113 or contact our offices online. We are located in Encino, California, and we represent clients throughout Southern California.

Fiction: "The DNA test showed that I am not the Father."

Fact: DNA tests are not the final word on the issue of Paternity. If you want to be involved, you can petition to be a "presumed parent," which does not rely on being biologically related to the child.

Establishing Paternity in California

When parents are married, the law presumes that the husband of the mother is also the father of the child. In these cases, paternity is usually not in question. When parents are unmarried, however, the court has to establish paternity through other means:

  • If both parents agree on who is the father, then the father can simply sign a Judgment of Paternity.
  • If the parties disagree on who is the father, then the issue must be resolved through DNA testing.

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The Law Offices of Robert Gantman is a client and family-focused law firm. We are dedicated to doing what is best for you and your family. Attorney Robert Gantman strives to provide services that enable clients to provide a secure, stable and loving home for their children well into the future.

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