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Move-Away Attorney in Sherman Oaks

California Lawyers - Helping you Relocate after a Divorce

If you want to change your residence, there are important issues to take into consideration before you move. You want a lawyer who understands the potential difficulties involved with moving children away from one of their parents and is experienced in 'move away' cases. Robert Gantman is a certified family law specialist.

Fiction: If you are the custodial parent, you can move wherever and whenever you want.

Fact: The non-custodial parent the right to have the court determine whether the ‘move away’ is appropriate

This is a complicated area of law and you will need an experienced attorney to explain your rights and prepare you for this type of litigation. At the Law Offices of Robert Gantman, we have fifteen years of experience in family law and child custody issues including relocation cases. For a consultation with an experienced family law lawyer, call 818-501-0113 or contact an Encino child relocation attorney online.

Modifying Custody and Child Support Arrangements

If you are planning to move a significant distance away from your child's other parent, it may affect existing agreements regarding custody, visitation and support arrangements for your children. This may include coverage of the other parent's costs to visit your children.

Relocation Without Approval

Attorney Gantman can help you enforce your existing child custody orders or seek a modification of the orders. If the other parent is violating the custody orders, the court may change custody to the party who will support the relationship between the child and the other parent.

To discuss relocation of your children out of California before you move, call attorney Robert Gantman at 818-501-0113 or contact us online anytime. Our offices are located in Encino, California. Se habla Español.

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